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Green Warriors

Wayne State University has made its waste and recycling program even better and, through the Green Warriors initiative, the Office of Campus Sustainability will engage the entire campus community to further implement the reduce, reuse, and recycle concept. Over the next two years, Green Warriors seeks to increase WSU’s diversion rate to over 50 percent expanding its impact and stewardship of the environment through waste reduction and recycling education programs.

To reach a 50 percent diversion rate, it’s important that students, staff and faculty do their part by fully-utilizing the recycling program.


The diagram below, courtesy of Advanced Disposal (WSU’s waste and recycling service provider), outlines the waste stream process.

As noted, recyclables are picked up from WSU and taken to the recycling facility where materials such as plastic, metals and cardboard are sorted, sent to manufacturers, and made into new items. The recycling effort at WSU ensures items that enter the waste stream will eventually be used to make other products for sale and reduce the need to use additional natural resources.

Recycling Facts...

Refillable water bottles are a good way to keep plastics out of landfills.

Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour, most of which are thrown away.

Annually, 900,000,000 trees are cut down to be used for paper products.

Paper makes up 29 percent of all trash.










Toner Cartridge Recycling

Please click here to download the promotional poster.

Wayne State has partnered with OfficeMax to bring a campus-wide recycling effort to capture all used toner cartridges from University printers and fax machines. The program accepts any brand cartridge. For your convenience, used cartridges can be dropped off at designated locations within participating buildings. Once full, the box is picked up and a rebate is then provided to the participating unit. The process is simple and easy.

If you want your building to be involved in the program, here’s how it works:

  • Contact your Unit’s Business Manager to receive approval to enroll in the program
  • Enroll in the program or send questions to begreen@wayne.edu
  • Receive username and password to access dedicated site to ordering materials (i.e. boxes, shipping labels)
  • Select location for the recycling box
  • Strategically place toner cartridge recycling posters

  • Monitor the quantity of cartridges in the box
  • Once full, contact the shipping company to pick up the box(es) and/or order additional boxes
  • A rebate check made payable to Wayne State University will be mailed to the Unit’s Business Office after OfficeMax receives and processes the cartridge-filled box(es)

Please click here to view a presentation on the program.

Program benefits include:

  • An easy, free way of recycling cartridges and protecting the environment
  • Acceptance of all brands of empty printer cartridges including original HP, Brother, and Lexmark, as well as used cartridges from other manufacturers
  • Cartridges are returned through the program and remanufactured into a new cartridge or recycled
  • Rebates that are provided to the Business Office of each participating unit

If you would like to have a toner cartridge recycling box in your office, please check with your Business Manager to see if your building participates in the program.

For questions about the WSU-OfficeMax Toner Cartridge Recycling Program, please call (313) 577-5068 or email begreen@wayne.edu.

Electronics are one of the fastest growing portions of America's trash. Recycling your old electronics is not only smart, but also good for the environment. Toner cartridges that are thrown away add about four pounds of plastic, metal and chemicals to a landfill. Learn how to reuse and recycle to reduce waste. Source: EPA



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle